Versinox. The standard in inox tubes

Inox tube specialist

A lot of applications, specifications and standards for inox tubes, but even the standards leave space, space you do not want within your process. Do you really get the inox tube you need?

We ask this question because practice is different. Factors like corrosion durability, welding method, tolerances, roughness, maintenance or finishing touch often play a bigger role than expected. They can confront you with unforeseen or unpleasant surprises.

Versinox gives you an honest and sound advice. We know about applications and markets like no other and come up with surprising solutions or even customizations. We do not follow, we lead.

Versinox. The standard in inox tubes

When you need something special, you go to a specialist. It’s as simple as that. In case of our precision tubes there was actually only one party that could come up to our high demands. Besides that, the people at Versinox are pleasant folks to work with!

- Projectbuyer precision tubes

We thought we had prescribed the correct specifications. Fortunately, Pieter saved us a lot of misery and money!

- Plantconstructor milk evaporator


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