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Heat exchanger for baking fumes

Warmtewisselaar bakdampen patatfabriek

Case: Heat exchanger for baking fumes.
(friesfactory Mc Cain)
Built by Apparatenfabriek Aalsmeer BV

The heat exchanger condenses the hot fumes from the ovens and warms up heating water. The fumes flow through the tube bundle and the water flows through the hull. Additionally smell is reduced as well.

Client’s question

“I have to deliver a baking fume heat exchanger to a fries factory in time”.

Additional specifications

  • The tubes for the appliance are a critical part in relation to the production time and therefore have to be at the constructor in time. Standard delivery time for this type of tubes is normally about 10-12 weeks.
  • The tubes must be applied easily.

Versinox’s solution

Extreme short delivery time
Because the tube manufacturer is able to slit the raw strip material himself, he can respond very quickly to urgent needs from the market. This way the delivery time for tubes can be reduced to only 4 weeks! The constructor is able to slide in the tubes in perfect time.

Moderations in tolerances

Together with the constructor we optimized the tube specifications, to make sure they could be used faster and easier. Especially the tight tolerances concerning the external diameter, ovality and tube length can be mentioned. These tightened standards resulted in considerable savings in time and money in processing the tubes.

Client’s benefits

  • In time deliveries, but especially on time!
  • Almost no prefinance
  • A perfect quality tube, so a longer lifespan of the condenser

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