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Flue gas condenser

rookgas condensor

Flue gas condensers reduce the temperature of flue gas from gascombustion installations, so warmth and CO2 can be recycled in the greenhouse. The surplus of energy is returned to the main electricity grid.

Client’s question

“I have to deliver 5 big condensers with a total of 7000 tubes to a customer in time”.

  • Normally the standard delivery time for these type of tubes is 10-12 weeks.
  • The tubes for the installation are a critical part in the total production time and therefore need to be with the constructor in time.
  • The tubes need to be used easily.

Versinox’s solution

We purchase the raw strip material in good time and book capacity on the tube welding machine. This way we are sure to be able to deliver the tubes immediately and in time, when an order is placed.

The delivery time for the tubes was reduced to 4 weeks maximum. This way, the contructor can start applying the tubes in the construction in time.

Together with the constructor, we optimized the tube specifications so the tubes could be handled faster and easier. Especially the tolerances in external diameter, ovality and length contributed to this. These tightened standards resulted in substantial savings in time and money in processing the tubes.

Client’s benefits

  • Just-in-time deliveries, but especially in time!
  • Almost no prefinance
  • A perfect quality tube, so a longer lifespan of the condenser

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