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Client’s question

“I have to deliver a milk evaporator to a milk factory in Eastern Europe. This needs to be done just in time, due to a rental crane truck. Every day this truck is redundant it costs money!”

Additional tube specifications

  • The production time of the tubes is a critical part of the process. Therefore the tubes need to be with the constructor in time. The regular standard delivery time for this type of tubes is about 14-16 weeks. This is time the customer often doesn’t have or get, due to licenses, design changes, etc.
  • The tube must meet the highest hygiene standards possible, to prevent bacterial growth.
  • The tube must be applied easily

Versinox’s solution

Customized product specifications

Together with our customer we redefined product specifications that meet the high hygiene requirements (internal roughness max. 0.80µm). Doing so, the life span of the equipment is extended because the smoother innner surface is less affected during the cleaning process in the milkfactory.

No scratches or pits

Thanks to our very modern machinery we are able to almost exclude scratches and pits that occur in the tube while welding. The tubes are submitted to an inspection by Versinox or the customer at the factory site, after production.

Shorter delivery times than other tube manufacturers

Versinox purchased raw strip material (European) and booked welding capacity at a specially prepared tube machine throughout the year. This machine specializes in milk evaporator tubes. This way we can be sure of shorter delivery times in comparison to other manufacturers.

Just-in-time delivery

Because we deliver the tubes just in time, they don’t have to be stored outside too long at the constructor’s site, which would increase the risk of damages and possible rejections, the customer doesn’t need to prefinance either.

The tube doesn’t need any finishing

Together with the constructor we optimized the tube specifications, to make sure they could be used faster and easier. Especially the tight tolerances concerning external diameter, ovality and length can be mentioned. The tube always fits and hardly doesn’t have to be worked or grinded before slided in. This saves a lot of time and money during assembly.

Client’s benefits

  • Just in time deliveries, but especially on time!
  • Almost no prefinance
  • A perfect quality tube, so a longer lifespan of the evaporator
  • Time and money savings during assembly of the evaporator

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