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It won’t be the first time that packaging is an overlooked subject in an order or project. But is that wise in the end? Choosing the right packaging can prevent a lot of misery and cost when obtaining stainless steel tubes. Unfortunately, many people do not realize enough that the packaging for tubes is a crucial factor in the pursuit of quality, cost reduction and environmental objectives. The cost for packaging and transport counts for a 3-5% of the total price for tube orders. Standards for packaging tubes are missing, so what choice should you make?

Types of packaging for stainless steel tubes

The longer the tube, the more crucial the robustness of the packaging used. The wall thickness of the tube is also an important factor that can’t be ignored. The thinner the tube, the more vulnerable it is during transport and storage. Reusability can play an important role with large-scale users when many transport movements occur. The three most commonly used packaging options for stainless steel tubes are wooden crates, steel crates and wooden boxes. What advantages and disadvantages do they have?

Wooden crates

wooden cratesThe wooden crate is suitable for one-way use, but is no longer stackable after opening and provides only little protection. Load belts are usually placed underneath the tubes, making them easy to lift from the crate with a forklift. Wooden crates are mainly used for road transport within Europe. The use of crates however, has risks of transport damage such as kinks, slipping or dents. After all, not all roads are equally smooth and not all forklift drivers are aware of the vulnerability of the tubes supplied. Many customers also have the desire to stack due to lack of space. After opening however, crates no longer offer stability, with all safety and damage risks this entails. Wooden crates are certainly unsuitable for thin-walled tubes.

Wooden boxes

tubes in foilWooden boxes are frequently used for thin-walled tubes. The crates provide stability and are easily stackable, even after opening. In combination with enclosing foil, the tubes are protected against transport damage, dust, dirt, rust and moisture. Reinforced wooden boxes are made to the length of the tube and are resistant enough to carry 2 to 3 deliveries.

Steel crates

stacked steel crates and with tubesThe steel crates were developed especially for large volume customers. These constructions remain returnable and can therefore yield serious savings pertaining to wooden boxes or crates. The lengths can be made variable per delivery by linking segments together. Using a rubber coating, combined with enclosing foil, steel crates offer excellent possibilities to guarantee the quality of the tubes and enable you to stack them in hight. Naturally, this solution also offers an environmental benefit because no wood is used.

At Versinox we do not make any concessions in the packaging area and always choose the best fitting option for your order or project. The risk of damage usually starts with the unloading of the tubes and the biggest risk lies with the customer. This always leads to discussion, but often a subsequent delivery needs to be organized. And in addition to a price difference, this usually means the necessary delay. Choosing the right box or crate therefore always offers added value in transport, handling and storage! Do you have packaging doubts for your own deliveries? We are happy to advise you.

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