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Titanium stabilized quality inox tube please. Or maybe not…?

rusty chain

As you’d probably presumed from the name, this concerns a tube quality that was stabilized by using titanium. The titanium supplement prevents the excretion of chromium carbides which occurs when annealing the inox tubes at a temperature of 550-700°C. The excretion of chromium carbides causes the diminishing of corrosion resistance of the material and ultimately […]


Inox tubes from stock

stacked inox tubes

As you may expect from us, we’re always looking for new ways to increase our service to you. Recently we’re doing this by keeping stock of smaller quantities quality tubes for you. For a reasonable amount of customers in appliance construction, deliverytimes of our factories seemed to be an issue sometimes. This often concerned inox […]


Solution annealing

solution annealing

The annealing method determines the corrosion resistance of the inox tube. Therefore always consider the way the material is annealed when you choose your inox tube. The corrosion resistance of the welding seam can also be increased substantially by solution annealing.



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