Versinox. The standard in inox tubes


Milkcooler tubes


For the production of milk cooler tubes I need to spiralize tubes throughout the whole year . These spirals are built in a cooling installation. This requires a very good, but even more important, a very constant bending quality of the inox tube. The tubes also have to meet the highest hygiene standards (inner tolerance 0,80µm / 0,80µ).

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Bended tubes for heat exchanger

Gebogen buis voor warmtewisselaar-elementen

Being an OEM manufacturer we have a fluctuating need for tubes for an important customer during the year. Those tubes need to be of excellent quality, but they especially need to be of constant bending quality. In addition, in case of demand the tubes should be delivered very quickly. The straight (non-bended) tubes have varying lengths with tight tolerances.

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Flue gas condenser

rookgas condensor

Flue gas condensers reduce the temperature of flue gas from gascombustion installations, so warmth and CO2 can be recycled in the greenhouse. The surplus of energy is returned to the main electricity grid.

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