Versinox. The standard in inox tubes


Flue gas condenser

rookgas condensor

Flue gas condensers reduce the temperature of flue gas from gascombustion installations, so warmth and CO2 can be recycled in the greenhouse. The surplus of energy is returned to the main electricity grid.

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Aircooler food industry

luchtkoeler voedingsmiddelenindustrie

We have to supply aircoolers to the food sector, in which tubes are expanded in aluminium slats. The tube in the aircooler is a critical part in the production process at the customer. Normally the standard delivery time for these type of tubes is about 12 weeks. However, the final orders are placed on demand and need to be delivered faster.

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Milk evaporator Eastern Europe


“I have to deliver a milk evaporator to a milk factory in Eastern Europe. This needs to be done in time, due to a rental crane truck. Every day this truck is redundant it costs money!”

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