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Heating industry

RVS buis verwarmingstechniek

The heating industry is traditionally a typically Dutch industry. Because of the gas fields in Slochteren (Groningen), the Dutch are pioneers in the development of gas heated boilers for the heating industry. Since the eighties, Versinox is supplier of inox tubes in multiple sizes and qualities for heat exchangers, temparature sensors and (solar heated) boilers.


The tubes for heated water boilers in the heating industry are being spirallised. A spirallised heat exchanger is actually a precision tube. It often concerns long lenghts (up to 25 m). Leakthightness and a constant bending quality (mechanical values) are of great importance.

The material types most often used  are 304L, 316L and 444.

Versinox holds stock of steel band for the production of this type of tube. This way you can enjoy fixed prices and short delivery times.


In the heating industry, our tubes are used for:

  • Heat exchangers for central heating
  • Spirallised tube in boilers
  • Temperature sensors

Versinox is supplier to all main players within this industry.
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