Versinox. The standard in inox tubes

Precision tubes for multiple industries

Versinox offers an extensive range of tube possibilities. Especially when it comes to non-standard tubes. Versinox specializes in:

  • Special or very tight tolerances (internal and external up to ± 0,03 mm);
  • Possible tolerances in length: ± 0.25 mm;
  • Unique measurements – we deliver what the customer needs;
  • No visible or internal perceptible welding seam (a successful alternative to the seamless tube);
  • Custom inner and outer diameter with roughness up to 0,4 µm;
  • Minimal ovality or concentricity of the tube.

Versinox tubes are used in these industries:

  • Petrochemical industry (oil and gas) – f.i. pneumatic actuators;
  • Heating industry – f.i. temperature sensors;
  • Medical industry – f.i. piping;
  • Liquid pumps – f.i. piston pump tube;
  • Food sector – f.i. tubemagnet systems.

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