Versinox. The standard in inox tubes

Inox bends

Since 1946 Versinox is the Benelux dealer for Rohrbogen AG. Thanks to the constant and high quality, Rohrbogen has been a valued partner for decades to (petro)chemical industry, food industry, pharmaceutical industry and installation technology.

Rohrbogen solely produces inox bends from welded and seamless tubes, originating from reputed European tube factories.

Because Rohrbogen anneals the bends after the bending, they have the same mechanical characteristics and corrosion resistance as the tube.

The Rohrbogen bends are categorized as follows:

  • Common bends  –2S, 3S and 5S standard
  • Bends for the food industry
  • Bends for the chemical, pharmaceutical and aseptic industry
  • Bends for pigging systems
  • Bends for hydroforming usage (please contact us for your request)
  • Specials (please contact us for your request)


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