Versinox. The standard in inox tubes

Air coolers

Together with a Kelvion partner (worldwide expert in the field of heat exchangers,) Versinox formed the bases of developing an inox tube specially designed for air coolers. This type of air coolers is particularly used for cooling foods and flowers during transport and storage.


Leaktightness, pliability and suitability for hydraulic expansion are critical characteristics for this tube. Mandrel bending requires a very precise tolerance in the standard for both the inner and outer diameter. To make expansion by ball, water or airpressure possible, the tube is annealed softly. The inox tube for the industrial cooler is tested with an intensified eddy current test. By doing so, we detect the smallest possible inner and outer defects.

Dimensions and materials

Commonly used dimensions for heat exchanger tubes in air coolers are (diameter x wall thickness in mm):

 12.00 x 0.50  15.88 x 0.50  16.00 x 0.70
 25.40 x 0.80  12.00 x 0.80  15.88 x 0.60
 22.00 x 0.50  25.40 x 1.00  15.00 x 0.50
 16.00 x 0.50  22.00 x 0.70  31.75 x 1.00
 15.00 x 0.60  16.00 x 0.60  22.00 x 0.80
 38.10 x 1.00



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