Versinox. The standard in inox tubes

Heat exchanger tubes

Versinox is supplier of heat exchanger tubes to the oil and gas extraction industry. Tubes are used for the heating and cooling of oil and gas during processing, transportation and storage.

Since the seventies, Versinox has a succesful alternative to the seamless heat exchanger tubes; the perfect welded tube. Together with its suppliers Schoeller Werk GMBH & Co. KG and Zwahlen & Mayr SA, Versinox has built a good name in this field of work.

Tube stock for oil and gas extraction industry

Recently Versinox has started a stock program, so we are able to respond to urgent needs in the market. During shutdowns we can keep supplying you without delays. Quick delivery of top quality.

The tube stock of Versinox meet the following standards:

  • EN+AD-W2
  • ISO 1127 D4/T5
  • ASME SA 249 / SA 789
  • SA 1016


Heat exchanger tubes in the oil and gas extraction industry require very precise standards for the outer diameter. The inner welding seam has a max of 0,05 mm for rolling in the tube sheets. To increase the corrosion resistance of the tube, we apply solution annealing. An intensified eddy current test ensures extra security in relation to the leaktightness. A pneumatic or ultrasone test is also possible. The tubes are perfectly round to use in extruded finning.

Dimensions and materials

Commonly used dimensions for heat exchanger tubes are (diameter x wall thickness in mm):

15.88 x 1.25 25.40 x 1.25 15.88 x 1.65
25.40 x 1.65 19.05 x 1.25 19.05 x 2.11
31.75 x 1.65 19.05 x 2.77 31.75 x 2.11



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