Versinox. The standard in inox tubes

Precision tubes

Versinox is like no other familiar with all applications and markets and comes up with surprising solutions or customizations. We specialize in proactive thinking to applications and are even challenged to develop customized tubes regularly. We also produce customized precision tubes for:

  • Liquid pumps
  • Temperature sensors
  • Injection needles
  • Magnetic bar systems
  • Pneumatic cylinders


For the accurate performance of these applications, tolerances in relation to the inner roughness and smoothness of the tube should be minimized as much as possible. The tubes are often cold-drawn using a jig. This way the inner welding seam and tube surface are smoothened with a precise tolerance of the inner and outer diameter as a result (± 0.02 mm). The inner surface is delivered with a very smooth surface; roughness under 0,4 µm ra (measured axially and radially.)

Dimensions and materials

Precision tubes are always tailor made. Versinox specializes in:

  • Special or highly accurate tolerances (internal/ external till 0,02 mm);
  • Unique measurements (our range varies from 3.00 mm to 65.00 mm);
  • No visible or internal tangible welding seam (a successful alternative to the seamless tube);
  • Customized internal/ external diameter and wall thicknesses till 0,4 µm (often extruded tubes);
  • Minimal ovality or concentricity of the tube;
  • Fixed length tubes are available from 2.5 mm up to 7500 mm

If you need a custom tube that is not mentioned above, please contact us. We will discuss the possibilities without any obligations. We are fond of challenges and we’d like to think with you proactively.


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