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The alloy surcharge for stainless tubes. What is it and why?

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Companies that regularly order stainless steel tubes are all too familiar with the concept of alloy surcharge. The first month it rises and the second one it falls again. Have you ever wondered why this happens or how this allowance is actually determined? The best known surcharge: fuel A surcharge is introduced more often to […]


The value of the right tube packaging

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It won’t be the first time that packaging is an overlooked subject in an order or project. But is that wise in the end? Choosing the right packaging can prevent a lot of misery and cost when obtaining stainless steel tubes. Unfortunately, many people do not realize enough that the packaging for tubes is a […]


Stainless tubes for heat exchangers; is what you asked for also delivered?

standards heat exchangers

“It is stated in the standards, so it will probably be allright” In our daily practice we see lots of misconceptions concerning specifications of heat exchanger tubes. Unfortunately, this is already the moment that things go wrong. Price is too often leading in the competition between constructors, while the end customer expects to get the […]



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