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Inox tubes

Inox tubes seem such a common good. But at Versinox we always ask “why”. Why these measurements? Why these tolerances? Is the requested standard optimal for your application? Do you get the tube that you really need…?

The right inox tube for your practice.

Versinox gives you an independant advice, judges the overview of possibilties and searches for the best solution in time, product and budget. When we can manage to make your processes run without interferences, less maintenance, faster or cheaper by reviewing the specifications, we will do so. We even look for / choose the type of tube production machine at our supplier that meets your specific needs. And if we really need something special, we can even deliver you customized tubes.

Taking care of logistics

But Versinox goes even further. We also take care of the logistics of our customers. In close collaboration, we organize well-timed availability of raw material, semi-manufactured product or pre-planned production. In this way you, or your customer, will not face unpleasant surprises during tight schedules.

Certificates and permits

Of course the tube mills that Versinox represents have all necessary certificates and permits. You can find an overview here: certificates and permits.

Inox tube from stock

We also have inox tubes in stock for multiple applications and in a broad variety of sizes and qualities. The tubes are packed in wooden crates and administered with a 3.1 EN 10204 +Ad-W2 certificate. Check the latest stock list here.


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