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Milk evaporator tubes

For milk evaporator tubes, high standards for the inner surface of the tube are required. This applies to the bends and T- pieces as well. Versinox is a traditionally known name and market leader in the dairy industry. We supply milk evaporator tubes with an inner surface roughness that exceeds the standard. The evenness of the welding seam and inner tube are essential to establish the thin film that is responsible for the flow of the milk.


A perfect smooth inner surface of inox tubes is required to prevent bacterial growth. Therefore the tubes are finished with a very low roughness and should be free from scratches or small damages. The smoother the tube’s innerside, the better for the product and life span of the equipment. Less cleaning is needed, so the equipment suffers less from stagnation

The inner roughness of the tube and welding seam is 0,80µm ra. while the standard requires only 1,6µm ra.

In this respect, Versinox uses more precise tolerances (D4/T5) than the standard (D3/T3).

Dimensions are on request and have a maximum length of 38.000 mm.

Dimensions and materials

Commonly used dimensions for milk evaporator tubes are (diameter x wall thickness in mm):

18.00 x 1.00 50.80 x 1.00 32.00 x 1.00
63.50 x 1.00 40.00 x 1.00 76.10 x 1.00
42.40 x 1.00



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