Versinox. The standard in inox tubes

Condensers and flue gas coolers

Condensers and flue gas coolers are particularly often used in horticulture. A flue gas cooler in a cogeneration plant transfers the energy of the hot gasses to the heating system. This way, a lot of energy is recovered. A condenser reduces the temperature of the gasses even further, so the energy savings can increase even more.


The inox tube is fixed in the tube sheets of the condenser or flue gas cooler by expanding it. The tolerance between the tube and sheets is very precise, just like the external diameter, wall thickness and tube length. The energy savings can only be accomplished when the used inox tube in the condenser or flue gas cooler is of perfect quality. The leaktightness and inner smoothness, to prevent contamination, are critical characteristics for this type of tube.

The inox tube for an industrial cooler is tested with an intensified eddy current test. By using this eddy current analysis we can detect possible inner and outer defects.

Dimensions and materials

Commonly used dimensions for heat exchanger tubes in flue gas coolers and condensors are (diameter x wall thickness in mm):

12.00 x 1.00 16.00 x 1.00 19.00 x 1.00
22.00 x 0.80 25.00 x 1.50 30.00 x 1.50
15.00 x 1.00 16.00 x 1.50 19.00 x 1.50
22.00 x 1.00 28.00 x 1.00 15.00 x 1.50
18.00 x 1.00 20.00 x 1.00 22.00 x 1.50
28.00 x 1.20 16.00 x 0.80 18.00 x 1.50
20.00 x 1.50 25.00 x 1.00 30.00 x 1.00



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