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Vegetables, fruit and other fresh harvested products, available all year round, are very normal nowadays. Cooling during transportation and storage is an essential requirement to do so. The usage of inox tubes for this purpose has become a requirement since the nineties. Together with one of the Kelvion partners, worldwide expert in the field of heat exchangers, Versinox was one the initiators for the development of inox tubes for industrial cooling equipment.


In the food industry, inox is advised because of the strict hygiene requirements. Also in corrosion sensitive environments, inox is preferred over other cooling materials like steel, copper or aluminium. The material to choose depends primarily on the chosen refrigerant: CO2, ammonia, nitrogen, or hydrogen. Versinox explicitely only works compliant to European quality standards. This way you are always sure you are getting the best quality tubes.

Leakthightness, pliability and suitability for hydraulic expansion are critical characteristics for this type of tube. The standards require very tight tolerances on both the inner and outer diameter to prevent sagging and tube-sheet fitting. To enable expansion by ball, water or airpressure, the tube is soft annealed.


In the cooling industry, our tubes are used in:

  • Air coolers
  • Flue gas coolers
  • Condensers

Versinox is supplier to all main players within this industry.
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