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Dairy industry


The Netherlands are traditionally stands for dairy and have always been an important home to developers and suppliers of machines for milk, cheese and whey processing. In the development of milk evaporator equipment, the Netherlands, together with Germany, are a frontrunner in this industry.


When it comes to foods, strict standards apply to the field of hygiene. Extreme low surface roughness of the inner tube is required to prevent bacterial growth. Thanks to its own high standards, Versinox has acquired a leading role in the production of milk evaporator tubes. All because extreme low surface roughness is required for this process. The inner roughness of our tubes is even smoother than the standards demand.To do so, Versinox only works with the best and most reliable evaporator tube manufactors.


In the dairy industry, our tubes are used for:

  • Milk evaporator tubes
  • Transportation tubes
  • Milk cooling tubes

Versinox is supplier to all main players within this industry.
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